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The Site

It was created with the luminous Vision of GATHERING together in the Presence, the Consciousness of the SOLAR RADIATION OF THE HEART.

To tune oneself, like the Divine instrument to the creative space of HARMONY, of all intuitions, is to awaken on the path of the JOY OF LOVING, the JOY of BEING.
To open the door of the Heart is to welcome the Splendor of his "Emanessence", to feel oneself accompanied in THE LIGHT which heals everything.

The site and the Logo are the agape of the RADIANT ENERGY OF JOY on this planet and beyond. They call us, connect us All in the Universal Love.

The common Vision

Let's create together a loving, compassionate, sweet and smiling community
Centered on the radiation of the heart

Embodying the example, opening our Spirit towards the unknown and the novelty, this means to invest ourselves in conscious actions, in LIFE, in the Universe and first of all in the Loving of ourselves.

This is how our Heart expresses itself and opens to the "SOLAR" Light that transmutes and expands into wonderful creations on this Earth.
Let us welcome this Grace which is present in each of us, at every moment, whatever the external circumstances experienced.

Let us observe consciously, let us welcome without bias our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions ... Our attitude and our reactions.
We thus elevate the LOVE and the PEACE of our Heart, to the Exactness of our Commununication.

To Unite with the Inner Sun

  • It is FEELING our Heart beating, hearing LIFE, this infinite force dedicated to the Light of the divine Sun which vibrates inside each and which guides us at every moment;
  • It is BEING PRESENT to LOVE and JOY, minful to how we relate to this wonderful energy that flows and vibrates in us and around us;
  • It is BREATHING the hand on the Heart, gently, calmly, deeply ...
  • It is putting the INTENTION to give, to share the Best of us, by smiling to our infinite potential, to the LOVE of ourselves, to all that IS ... living on this Earth and beyond;




The Greatness and the Intelligence of the Heart is to be connected and UNITED to what we Are, to the Timeless Essence of our Being: LOVE.
Recognizing and welcoming the multiplicity of Sources of Joy in Self and make them grow, is one of the "keys" of the Coaching and the Presence that I propose to you.

For those who wish to benefit from a personalized and holistic COACHING, I can be reached at (+32) 0472 444 851, or by email at
Appointment: on my coaching website this quantum journey in this earthly Life will amaze you, your potential is infinite ...

See you soon in Joy to know you :-)
Dominique Allaire