Harmonization of Being

The Site

It was created with the luminous vision of UNIFYING us and BREATHING in our Heart the LIGHT of the SUN that animates us.

To tune oneself, like the divine instrument to HARMONY and to the intuitive inspiration to light up our Presence in the Heart of LIFE. To open the door of the Heart and welcome the "Emanessence" of Being  infused with the LIGHT of Love.

The site and the Logo are the agape of the RADIANT ENERGY OF JOY on this planet and beyond. They call us, connect us to the solar frequency of Universal Love.

The common Vision

We are the sweet, Loving and Welcoming Presence of the radiating Heart.

We are opened to the Knowledge, in order to create together beautiful artworks in the Heart of Life. Let us welcome the grace of being alive and let us celebrate it.

Whatever the external circumstances experienced, let us observe and feel what really animates the Joy in our Heart and then elevate the LOVE and the PEACE to the Accuracy of our Commununication.

To Unite with the Inner Sun

  • FEELING the Heart pulsate, hearing LIFE, the infinite atomic force dedicated to the Light of the divine Sun which vibrates inside each and guides us at every moment;
  • BEING PRESENT to LOVE and JOY, aware of how we connect to the wonderful energy that flows and vibrates in us and around us;
  • BREATHING with the hands on the Heart, gently, calmly, deeply ...
  • EMANATE THE INTENTION to radiate, to share the Best of us, by smiling to our infinite potential, to the LOVE of ourselves, to all that IS ... living on Earth and beyond;




The Greatness and the Intelligence of the Heart is to be connected and UNITED to what we Are, to the Timeless Essence of our Being: LOVE.
Welcoming and recognizing the multiplicity of Sources of Joy in Self and nurrishing them conciously, is one of the "keys" of the Coaching and the Presence that I propose to you.

For those who wish to benefit from a personalized and holistic COACHING, here is the website :
Contact : mobile +32 472 444 851 (whatsapp), or by email at
Coaching in French, English, Spanish offered.

We are the Creators of our reality.

See you soon in the Joy to know you :-)
Dominique Allaire