Harmonization of Being

The Site

The logo, with its petals in the colours of the "chakras", was created with my daughters to remind us to connect to our heart and bring more JOY and awareness to our Presence in Life. The SMILE of the heart is the sun, the warmth, the light that shines within us. It inspires us and opens the doors to all possibilities...

Tuning ourselves to HARMONY, as a divine instrument, reveals the beauty of Life's intelligence.

The site and the Logo radiate the ENERGY OF JOY on planet Earth and beyond. They reconnect us to the solar frequency of universal Love.

The common Vision

Coherence, solidarity, cooperation, uniting potentials to create together and consciously accompany the movements of Life.

To welcome and celebrate the grace of the Life that we Are.

Whatever the external circumstances, let us focus on what truly animates the Joy in our heart and thus raise Love and Peace to the rightness of our Communication.

Unite with the "Inner" Sun

  • FEELING Life, the heart pulsing with the power that drives you and guides you at every moment ;
  • BEING PRESENT, aware of the quality of the energy that flows and vibrates within you and all around you ;
  • BREATHING with the hands on the heart, gently, calmly, deeply ...
  • EMANATE THE INTENTION to radiate, to smile at your infinite potential ;




The greatness and the intelligence of the Heart is to be connected and united to what we Are, to the timeless essence of the Being: LOVE.
Welcoming and recognizing the multiplicity of Sources of Joy in oneself and nurrishing them conciously, is one of the "keys" of the coaching and the Presence that I propose to you.

For those who wish to benefit from a personalized and holistic COACHING, here is the website : Coaching in French, English, Spanish.
Contact : mobile +32 472 444 851 (whatsapp), or by email at
We are the Creators of our reality.
See you soon, in the Joy to know you :-)
Dominique Allaire